Your tax-deductible contribution helps The UpStream Project work with churches to reach and keep their youth

What We Need

We expect that 50% of our income will come from churches this year. The other half comes from donors like you. We can’t continue without your help.

How much to give?
After years in youth ministry, most of my friends are young or poor. Some are both! But I have lots of friends, so there’s no need for you to feel burdened, esp. in a tight economy. If you gave 10, 25 or 30 dollars a month we would be delighted. If you can give more, we’d be wonderfully grateful. Email me about setting up an electronic transfer to make it easy.

Why give to the UpStream Project?

I serve churches – usually small community churches that are aging and struggling to build a youth ministry.

They think they have little to offer the next generation (not true) and they have limited budgets (true).

They cannot pay me enough to meet my budget for the time required, so I ask folks like you and businesses who care about the next generation to give as they are able.